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Education in Malaysia

Education for Malaysian is as important as applying for MyKad. hehe. This blog is written by mostly by Mr. Ong Kian Ming and some by Mr. Tony P.

Mr. Ong Kian Ming is currently doing a PhD in political science at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, USA. He is a Malaysian Chinese and he calls Malaysia home as thus his wife who's here in the US with him. He completed his BSc in Economics at the LSE and his MPhil in Economics at the University of Cambridge in the UK. He hope to return home after he complete his PhD. He is passionate about education!!

This blog is no-nonsense blog. You can say that his post is like an adememic journal articles...hehe...just kidding. Yes, it is really no-nonsense blog, but the posts are fun to read and easy to understand. I, as a local graduate, can easily relate myself to the posts in this blog. You might be asking what is the content in this can get updated unofficial information on education development in Malaysia or education related to Malaysian.

So those who like education...please visit this blog