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Ben's Life Journal

This is a blog of a master student. Also, a Christian who loves Jesus. His name is Ben.

Ben loves music & reading. He reviewed books and music as well. I like this post - discovering your personality shape. I'm a square - a XXXXX person. So you got to check this out!

Free Sketch

Free Sketch
According to the Caricaturist, it is FREE. YAHOO....But if you want to make donation, you are more than welcome. Here are some of the sketches...

Free Sketch

Free Sketch

Free Sketch

I haven't tried to email him my photo. However, no harm to try right? After all, you get to see all the people around the world asking him to sketch their potrait.

Eureka! Free Sketch

Weird Wide World

Wanna read weird weird stuff that really happened in this world?

Is this a football player or just a painting?

What the hell is this?

Cute but weird

Halal Pork? Hehe

You can get all these funny stuff from this blog. Some weird some funny, but some disgusting (there's one clip showing a pretty girl suddenly XXXX in the hot tub)

From Alexa has a traffic rank of: 1,840,028 users come from these countries:
Malaysia 50.0%
United States 25.0%
United Kingdom 16.7%


fujitech blogger business myspace malay Fujitech

by Khalifah Alam Maya (Virtual Khalifah)

Who is this Khalifah? Click below and check out yourself

Khalifah Afiqxxx started his blog - Fujitech since last month with 22 posts. This is a very young and new blog. Just like mine...hehe. However, we must support our own Malaysian bloggers with all our hearts.

So what is the content here?
1. Virtual tips - what you can benefit from all these??


widgetbuck 2. Business Tips - Usercash, PayPal, APSense

3. Blogger Tips - Blogcatalog, Blogroll, feedjit, malaysiabloggers, bloglines, on how to promote your blog and make your blog more interesting.

4. MySpace Tips - about MySpace enhancement.

Hope Mr. Khalifah will continue to put more posts to benefit other bloggers.

Unfortunately, the posts in this blog are in Malay language. If Mr. Virtual Khalifah speaks in English, that will be great.

Malaysian Babes

Malaysia Fashion, Cosmetics, and Shopping Blog




These are the frequently used terms for ladies

and they are Malaysian babes' niche

I am glad I have found this blog. Don't get me wrong... it is not for my own reading pleasure. I am glad because I can recommend this blog to my sister who is quite lost in her fashion and cosmetics sense...hehe. Last month, she even asked me to help her to apply eye shadow to your eyes (she needed to attend her company annual dinner). She asked me not because that I am a professional makeup artist, it is due to her ignorance towards makeup and cosmetics usage. So I painted here and there, mix the colours that I like. turned out sehr schlect (very bad in German). So she ended up do the makeup herself. Just do not know how she did it. Maybe this post is useful for her. They have 8 makeup tutorials.

This 1yo blog needs to be promoted extensively among young girls and of course young ladies. There's not much comments. But if based on the Alexa report (as at 5 Dec 2007), the traffic rank is reasonably doing quite well.

Traffic info from Alexa has a traffic rank of: 44,251 users come from these countries:
Malaysia 70.1%
Singapore 16.8%
Australia 4.9%
United States 2.3%
Brunei 1.5%

Fashion Shopping Cosmetics Malaysian babes

Going to Kuching...

Hi reader of Eureka Today. Starting 6 - 11 December 2007 I will be away to Kuching...Yahoo!! Bad news is in this period of time I cannot committ myself to review blogs. So see you next wed...



Yummy. This is the Malaysian food blog that I like the most. The posts are original and the photo too!! I like the food photo taken by the writer- very colourful and attractive. The writer claims to be crazy about food food and food. She reviewed food from KL and selangor areas. That's why I like to read, because I stay at Petaling Jaya mah. Thanks to boo_licious that I have found a lot of nice food around my place. I always thought of PJ as a place without nice food to eat. But my misconception is clear after reading Masak-Masak.

Sometimes you will get to read some recipes here. Must try coz it looks seriously delicious and original in the photos. This 2-years-old++ blog was nominated for best food blog. I believe this blog deserved to be nominated.

I think It would be great if the writer is able to provide map to go to the reviewed shops, so that the reader will have idea how to get recommended good food.

Malaysia Singapore Girls

Malaysia Singapore Girls is a fantastic website where you will be exposed to pretty and charming girls (young girls) all over Singapore and Malaysia. With cute and extraordinary faces, these girls bring you into the heaven of angels which help to relief you from the hustle and bustle life of the city.

This fun-filled blog was started in the month of october 2007. So it is really new. And of course the girls in the pic still look amazingly fresh loh, tak basi punya. You can see all those cute-cute-big-eyes-girls around here. I really do not know how the writer obtained all these nice photos. The posts are categorized by Malaysian states and Singapore. Hence, you can check out which states have the most cute leng it perak or penang??! There is one state which is not in the list. Guess fromwhich state? Haha. You check it out yourself ok?

Basically, the contents are photos, photos, and photos. Not much writing. You also can vote those lovely girls, but I cannot figure out how to vote my favourite girl. Can someone teach me please?

Malaysian Singapore Girls cute pretty young girls

Info from Alexa has a traffic rank of: 444,005 users come from these countries:
Singapore 49.5%
Malaysia 34.6%
United Kingdom 6.5%
Taiwan 1.9%
United Arab Emirates 1.9%

Christien New

I wonder....Who is Christien New?
He is a TV Host, Actor and Singer, who is known for his simplicity and friendliness kononnya. He likes talking, go to the gym, golf and rock climbing. He might be a christian because he carries the name of "Christien" in French version. While reading his blog, I can sense that he is a humble guy. Extra evidence that he is a christian. I wonder which church he attends (if he really is a christian). For your information, he just acted in one of the local movie called "Jarum Halus". It sounded like a ghost story, but it is a love story. Let us together support our local production!! Malaysia boleh!
What's his blog about?
About his life as a Malaysian celebrity, together with his wife Lavin. Also, updates on his activities, the event he attended, newspapers photo and articles, photoshoot as model, interviews, lauching of this and that. You will get to know what he has been doing through his blog. Well, celebrity life mah.... very colourful life I tell you. But you will not get to read posts about his personal life. As I have mentioned, it is just about his life as a celebrity, in other words, it is just about his career.
His posts are not in daily basis. Take note, you have to click at the photo to get to read the entire complete post. So that is the catch. I also found out that in most of his photoshoot, his face would turn to his right hand side. If you do not believe me, just visit his blog!
Extra info from Alexa has a traffic rank of: 835,625 users come from these countries:
Malaysia 88.2%
United Kingdom 8.8%
Australia 2.9%

The Obnoxious 5xMom

What is obnoxious?

It is an adjective to describe something that is highly objectionable or offensive. The Obnoxious 5xMom life lies sex humour humor

5xmom is all about living, loving it, humour with some crass, a little bit of sex thrown in, more on relationships, sometimes religion too and just about anything that comes to the writer's mind. Many people dare to think but not many dare to say it out. 5xmom will do just that, think, talk and laugh. 5xmom is pronounce five-eks-mom. Love it or get lost. If you need to know why the writer is obnoxious, read her ME page.

The content seem to be very orignal telling about her life and her lovely kids. As she wrote anything that comes into her mind, maybe some of you will feel offended with her posts. Like what she said "either love me or ignore me". So the decision is yours.

The writer actively involves herself in the comments. She gave feedback and replied many comments given by the readers. Sometimes, she can even be sarcastic and naughty in giving out her true comments. So just to alert you all ya.

I think she is a God-dependable woman and a loving mom. Read her blog if you are interested in knowing more about family life.

Eureka!! has a traffic rank of: 45904 users come from these countries:

Malaysia 68.0%

United States 8.9%

Australia 6.6%

Singapore 4.9%

United Kingdom 4.4% - addiciting games funny junk video clips kah soon addicting games art celebrity commercials cool stuff current events funny junks gadgets internet movies TV his life scary stuff site news weird stuff and wordpress.

This blog is suitable for younger generation where they can find a lot of good stuff such as online games, video clips and funny websites. The writer's focus is on addicting games, art, celebrity, commercials, cool stuff, current events, funny junks, gadgets, internet, movies & TV, his life, scary stuff, site news, weird stuff and wordpress. has been around since March 2005. This blog is able to provide entertainment in a way that you can watch selected video clips which the writer found interesting to share to you all. Also, you can get some interesting information like this post "Batteries powered by a drop of water".

I like the overall look of the blog, it's clean and easy to read. However, there are quite a lot of advertisement in between the posts.

Eureka Today!

Info obtained from Alexa (as at 30 Nov 2007) has a traffic rank of: 108,611 users come from these countries:
United States 19.7% <--- !!
Malaysia 8.0%
Philippines 3.7%
United Kingdom 3.4%
Singapore 3.1%

Kenny Sia humour humor

When I first heard this this name, I straight away know that he is from Sarawak. Why? Because I have a lot of friends from Sarawak with the surname of Sia.

Indeed, Kenny Sia is from Sarawak, the land of hornbill. Sarawak government should be proud of him because he blogs hilariously funny posts with crazy photos in

With his first blog post dated 4 January 2005, he managed to received 19 comments (including from mr. Paul Tan - the car guy). Impressive. So you gotta read

I particularly like all his posts that was in the category of "Distinctively Kuching". Some posts are really funny and humourous. I guess this is called Sarawakian humour. I lived in Kuching before and the city is nice and the people is fabulous too. You should read the posts here if you plan to be Kuching "permanent resident". (** the comments for posts under the category of "Distinctively Kuching" can reach about 331 comments! Wow)
Info from Alexa has a traffic rank of: 15,149 users come from these countries:
Malaysia 58.2%
Singapore 24.5%
Australia 6.6%
United Kingdom 3.7%
Brunei 2.1%

Paul Tan

Paul Tan.....sounds like fashion apparel. But it is NOT. This blog got nothing to do with fashion, clothing or cosmetics. It is all about CAR.....being fast and furious! wroomm....

paul tan's raves and rants on automotive industry  http://paultan.orgMaybe you might be thinking that the write Mr. Paul Tan would only write about this car good and that car bad...bla bla bla those kind of stuff. In fact, I found that he is capable to provide quality information about the local and abroad automotive industry as well. It is not only about car engines, but also update about car business!

For those car dummies like myself..hehe, you can refer to his car jargon page to learn more about those big word for cars. However, the jargon listings is not that impressive. If you are interested in car and you know a lot of the car jargons, why not you help to contribute your knowledge to Paul Tan blog. This is about knowledge sharing mah!

I like the layout of his blog. It is clean and easy to my eyes. The post title is clearly written in white colour font with red as background. The car pictures in his blog are impressive and cool. Each post has quite a strong flow of comments coming in (more than 10 comments). Paul Tan also actively involve in giving out his own comments.
There's a few posts which caught my attention:

1. Weird looking Toyota - Toyota Hi-CT concept

2. My dream car after reading this post - Toyota Crown Hybrid Concept

** see the picture below mmm ...

Toyota Crown Hybrid Concept
My dream car

Info from Alexa has a traffic rank of: 12,278 users come from these countries:
Malaysia 55.8%
United States 5.1%
Singapore 3.1%
United Kingdom 2.4%
Indonesia 1.6%
Eureka! Paul Tan -

Liew CF claimed to be one of the most popular blog around the sea. Yes, the sea - South-East Asia...haha. The blog name was derived from the name of the author himself, Mr. Liew Cheon Fong. Hence,
Who is he anyway?
Mr. Liew Cheon Fong is Malaysia's first FULL-TIME blogger. He blogs for living, i guess. Previously, he was a programmer and a webmaster. I think that is why he was able to be Malaysia's first full-time blogger with full confidence. Many have interviewed his talented guy, such as from,, Earning Money Blog and Friedbeef’s Tech. I wonder how they interviewed him? B2B (blog-to-blog)?
Now what is the content of his blog about?
7 keywords
1. Tech
2. Web
3. How-to
4. Reviews
5. Tips
7. The most important one -- Make Money Online
There are a few articles I like such as:
Most of the articles are relevant to Malaysian. Of course one part is for his reader to serach for job in Malaysia!
What are you waiting? Click LiewCF and have a look!
Extra info from Alexa (accessed at 22 Nov 2007) has a traffic rank of: 16,119 users come from these countries
Malaysia 33.3%
United States 13.7%
India 5.4%
Singapore 5.0%

Welcome to Eureka Today

eureka today blog website review blogspot Eureka Today

Hi dear readers of Eureka Today! Warmest welcome to my blog!

My name is Kevin. I love to read and check out interesting blogs and websites from my own country Malaysia and all around the world (of course I can only read English and Mandarin, the rest...maybe I will use google to translate it).

You might ask me why I would want to start this blog and what is the purpose of this blog. Well, the reason is quite simple:

To feedback and to provide a review of other blogs and websites, especially Blog/websites-Made-in-Malaysia and Made-by-Malaysian.

This is to promote good and quality blog/websites (which i personally think it's really really good) to my dear reader so that will get to check out some cool blog/websites that are worth looking at.

Yes, Eureka! Eureka! I have found it!