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Kenny Sia humour humor

When I first heard this this name, I straight away know that he is from Sarawak. Why? Because I have a lot of friends from Sarawak with the surname of Sia.

Indeed, Kenny Sia is from Sarawak, the land of hornbill. Sarawak government should be proud of him because he blogs hilariously funny posts with crazy photos in

With his first blog post dated 4 January 2005, he managed to received 19 comments (including from mr. Paul Tan - the car guy). Impressive. So you gotta read

I particularly like all his posts that was in the category of "Distinctively Kuching". Some posts are really funny and humourous. I guess this is called Sarawakian humour. I lived in Kuching before and the city is nice and the people is fabulous too. You should read the posts here if you plan to be Kuching "permanent resident". (** the comments for posts under the category of "Distinctively Kuching" can reach about 331 comments! Wow)
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