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Paul Tan

Paul Tan.....sounds like fashion apparel. But it is NOT. This blog got nothing to do with fashion, clothing or cosmetics. It is all about CAR.....being fast and furious! wroomm....

paul tan's raves and rants on automotive industry  http://paultan.orgMaybe you might be thinking that the write Mr. Paul Tan would only write about this car good and that car bad...bla bla bla those kind of stuff. In fact, I found that he is capable to provide quality information about the local and abroad automotive industry as well. It is not only about car engines, but also update about car business!

For those car dummies like myself..hehe, you can refer to his car jargon page to learn more about those big word for cars. However, the jargon listings is not that impressive. If you are interested in car and you know a lot of the car jargons, why not you help to contribute your knowledge to Paul Tan blog. This is about knowledge sharing mah!

I like the layout of his blog. It is clean and easy to my eyes. The post title is clearly written in white colour font with red as background. The car pictures in his blog are impressive and cool. Each post has quite a strong flow of comments coming in (more than 10 comments). Paul Tan also actively involve in giving out his own comments.
There's a few posts which caught my attention:

1. Weird looking Toyota - Toyota Hi-CT concept

2. My dream car after reading this post - Toyota Crown Hybrid Concept

** see the picture below mmm ...

Toyota Crown Hybrid Concept
My dream car

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