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Liew CF claimed to be one of the most popular blog around the sea. Yes, the sea - South-East Asia...haha. The blog name was derived from the name of the author himself, Mr. Liew Cheon Fong. Hence,
Who is he anyway?
Mr. Liew Cheon Fong is Malaysia's first FULL-TIME blogger. He blogs for living, i guess. Previously, he was a programmer and a webmaster. I think that is why he was able to be Malaysia's first full-time blogger with full confidence. Many have interviewed his talented guy, such as from,, Earning Money Blog and Friedbeef’s Tech. I wonder how they interviewed him? B2B (blog-to-blog)?
Now what is the content of his blog about?
7 keywords
1. Tech
2. Web
3. How-to
4. Reviews
5. Tips
7. The most important one -- Make Money Online
There are a few articles I like such as:
Most of the articles are relevant to Malaysian. Of course one part is for his reader to serach for job in Malaysia!
What are you waiting? Click LiewCF and have a look!
Extra info from Alexa (accessed at 22 Nov 2007) has a traffic rank of: 16,119 users come from these countries
Malaysia 33.3%
United States 13.7%
India 5.4%
Singapore 5.0%


LcF said...

thanks for the review :)

LcF said...

thanks for your review :)