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Christien New

I wonder....Who is Christien New?
He is a TV Host, Actor and Singer, who is known for his simplicity and friendliness kononnya. He likes talking, go to the gym, golf and rock climbing. He might be a christian because he carries the name of "Christien" in French version. While reading his blog, I can sense that he is a humble guy. Extra evidence that he is a christian. I wonder which church he attends (if he really is a christian). For your information, he just acted in one of the local movie called "Jarum Halus". It sounded like a ghost story, but it is a love story. Let us together support our local production!! Malaysia boleh!
What's his blog about?
About his life as a Malaysian celebrity, together with his wife Lavin. Also, updates on his activities, the event he attended, newspapers photo and articles, photoshoot as model, interviews, lauching of this and that. You will get to know what he has been doing through his blog. Well, celebrity life mah.... very colourful life I tell you. But you will not get to read posts about his personal life. As I have mentioned, it is just about his life as a celebrity, in other words, it is just about his career.
His posts are not in daily basis. Take note, you have to click at the photo to get to read the entire complete post. So that is the catch. I also found out that in most of his photoshoot, his face would turn to his right hand side. If you do not believe me, just visit his blog!
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