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by Khalifah Alam Maya (Virtual Khalifah)

Who is this Khalifah? Click below and check out yourself

Khalifah Afiqxxx started his blog - Fujitech since last month with 22 posts. This is a very young and new blog. Just like mine...hehe. However, we must support our own Malaysian bloggers with all our hearts.

So what is the content here?
1. Virtual tips - what you can benefit from all these??


widgetbuck 2. Business Tips - Usercash, PayPal, APSense

3. Blogger Tips - Blogcatalog, Blogroll, feedjit, malaysiabloggers, bloglines, on how to promote your blog and make your blog more interesting.

4. MySpace Tips - about MySpace enhancement.

Hope Mr. Khalifah will continue to put more posts to benefit other bloggers.

Unfortunately, the posts in this blog are in Malay language. If Mr. Virtual Khalifah speaks in English, that will be great.