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The Obnoxious 5xMom

What is obnoxious?

It is an adjective to describe something that is highly objectionable or offensive. The Obnoxious 5xMom life lies sex humour humor

5xmom is all about living, loving it, humour with some crass, a little bit of sex thrown in, more on relationships, sometimes religion too and just about anything that comes to the writer's mind. Many people dare to think but not many dare to say it out. 5xmom will do just that, think, talk and laugh. 5xmom is pronounce five-eks-mom. Love it or get lost. If you need to know why the writer is obnoxious, read her ME page.

The content seem to be very orignal telling about her life and her lovely kids. As she wrote anything that comes into her mind, maybe some of you will feel offended with her posts. Like what she said "either love me or ignore me". So the decision is yours.

The writer actively involves herself in the comments. She gave feedback and replied many comments given by the readers. Sometimes, she can even be sarcastic and naughty in giving out her true comments. So just to alert you all ya.

I think she is a God-dependable woman and a loving mom. Read her blog if you are interested in knowing more about family life.

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