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These are the frequently used terms for ladies

and they are Malaysian babes' niche

I am glad I have found this blog. Don't get me wrong... it is not for my own reading pleasure. I am glad because I can recommend this blog to my sister who is quite lost in her fashion and cosmetics sense...hehe. Last month, she even asked me to help her to apply eye shadow to your eyes (she needed to attend her company annual dinner). She asked me not because that I am a professional makeup artist, it is due to her ignorance towards makeup and cosmetics usage. So I painted here and there, mix the colours that I like. turned out sehr schlect (very bad in German). So she ended up do the makeup herself. Just do not know how she did it. Maybe this post is useful for her. They have 8 makeup tutorials.

This 1yo blog needs to be promoted extensively among young girls and of course young ladies. There's not much comments. But if based on the Alexa report (as at 5 Dec 2007), the traffic rank is reasonably doing quite well.

Traffic info from Alexa has a traffic rank of: 44,251 users come from these countries:
Malaysia 70.1%
Singapore 16.8%
Australia 4.9%
United States 2.3%
Brunei 1.5%

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Ben said...

hi is there any review of good websites for guys' apparel or fashion? since guys need to spruce up their image also..haha, thanks :)

Kevin said...
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